Introduction to Exhaustive Basics

This Blog entry is from the Exhaustive Basics section in Learn Exhaustive.

Exhaustive is software that automates the search for Regression (Linear or Logistic) and Neural Networks Topology (Levenberg Marquart Learning).  The software gains it name from the manner in which it will randomly trials topologies to arrive at an optimal, and tidy, model.

This module will focus on using Exhaustive for classification and will use the FraudRisk.csv AdTech.csv dataset.

These procedures assume that Exhaustive is already installed, however if this is not the case, the installation guide to install Exhaustive is available in the following location:

Firstly, execute the Exhaustive program – which is a thick client application – by navigating to the directory:



Execute the application titled JubeCapitalHorizontalAbstraction.exe:


The Exhaustive thick client application will be loaded and available for use.  The default parameters will be used throughout this training guide.