3) Child Versioning

This Blog entry is from the Getting Started in Jube section in Learn Jube.

For children there is a version system in place. When a record is created for a child object, it is always accompanied by version data:


The fields that relate to version of children are descried in the table as follows:




The version in a sequential number that indicates the extent to which this record has been updated. Upon a record being created, it is allocated version 1, then for each update (i.e. click of the update button) the version will increment by one.

User Created

The name of the user that last created or updated this child record.

Created Date

The date and time this record was last created or updated.

For children all update and deletes are done on a logical basis, which means that they are marked as deleted in the database but still remain there for the purposes of audit. When a child record is updated, in actuality the record being updated is logically deleted and a new record with the incremented version number is created. It follows that there is record for each update maintained in the database.