1) Parents

This Blog entry is from the Getting Started in Jube section in Learn Jube.

There are several basic hierarchies created in the JUbe platform, where a parent is created and many configuration elements cascade down from then.

For the time being, knowing the parents in the Jube platform and how to navigate to them is adequate. The following table details how to navigate to the parent objects in Jube:



Entity Models

Navigate to Entity Models >>> Entity Models


Navigate to Symbol Models >>> Symbols

Cases Workflows

Navigate to Administration >>> Cases >>> Cases Workflows


Navigate to Administration >>> Roles

The parents share similar characteristics for the purposes of administration. Firstly, a list control will return all parents configured for that part of the platform. In the following example, all Entity Models are returned:


To move from one record to the next, use the scroll buttons or index buttons at the base of the list:


To Add a record to an object, a button is implemented at the top of the List Control:


Clicking on this button will overlay an entry form to accept a new record:


Upon completing the form with valid values for this object (each of these is exhaustively documented later in Blog entries), to commit the record, it is a simple matter of clicking the tick box in the right hand corner of the list object:


Alternatively, clicking the opposing button will roll back the change:


To update an entry in the List control while browsing back and forth via the navigation buttons, it is a simple matter of clicking the pen icon at the bottom right hand corner of the list entry:


On Clicking the pen Icon, the entry will be overlay by a form entry, presenting the existing values for update:


Upon updating the form, the entry can be updating in the same manner as the addition, by clicking the tick icon:


Alternatively rolling back the change by clicking the opposing button:


To delete an entry, navigate to the entry in the entry in the list control that requires deletion and then click on the trash icon:


A message box will be displayed to confirm that it is the users intention that the entry is to be deleted, upon confirmation, the entry will be deleted: