9) Abstraction Deviation for for Fraud Prevention using Account Financial Transactions.

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An Abstraction Deviation compares an Abstraction Rule value calculated for a transaction in process with what typically is observed against previous Abstraction Rules stored in the cache.

The page is available by navigating through the menu as Entity Models > Abstraction and Fitting >>> Abstraction Deviation:


Clicking on the Example Fraud Prevention model in the tree towards the left hand side starts the process of adding an Abstraction Deviation:


The parameters available to the Abstraction Deviation page as detailed in the following table:



This Example

Abstraction Deviation Type

The type of Abstraction Deviation to be calculated as documented in the Abstraction Deviation Rule Aggregation and Comparison section of this documentation.

Z Score


The Abstraction Rule name to to compare across historic values and the current value.


Complete the page with the parameters that are set forth in the table above:


Clicking the Add button to create a version of the Abstraction Deviation:


Posting an Account Financial Transaction to the model:


It can be observed that a new element block called Deviation has been created which is comparing the current Abstraction with that of the history of that Abstraction.