10) Abstraction Rule Calculation for Fraud Prevention

This Blog entry is from the Getting Started in Jube section in Learn Jube.

An Abstraction Calculation compares one Abstraction Rule value to another using reasonably simple arithmetic. For example, it is useful to take two values, dividing one by another to create a more powerful ratio.

The page is available by navigating through the menu as Entity Models > Abstraction and Fitting >>> Abstraction Calculation:


Clicking the required entity model in the tree towards the left hand side exposes the page for creating a new Abstraction Calculation:


The parameters available to the page are described in the following table:



This Example

Abstraction Calculation Type

The Abstraction Type as documented in the Abstraction Calculation Execution section of this document. For example Divide would cause a division of the Left hand Abstraction Rule Value by the Right hand Abstraction Rule Value.


Abstraction Left

The name of the Abstraction Rule to occupy the Left hand side of the arithmetic.

Refunds Sum

Abstraction Right

The name of the Abstraction Rule to occupy the Right hand side of the arithmetic.

Total Sales Sum

Complete the Abstraction Calculation a per the above table and as below:


Click the Add button to create a version of the Abstraction Deviation:


Allow the model a couple of moments to syncronise and then post an Account Financial Transaction using the HTTP Post Tool:


It can be seen that a new element block has been created in the response detailing the Calculations. In this case, the Abstraction has been multiplied by itself to create a square, although it is more commonly used in the creation of ratios using Divide.