8) Cross Model Abstraction Reference

This Blog entry is from the Getting Started in Jube section in Learn Jube.

The Cross Model Abstraction Page allows for the retrieval of Abstraction Rule values from other Entity Models. Cross Model Abstractions are a useful means of cross model communication alongside TTL Counters, which can also be incremented across models. A Cross Model Abstraction Value fetch is the process of retrieving the most current execution of a transaction in another model for that entity value. For example, if there are two models which share the same entity (e.g. an Account Identifier) yet they process inherently different data, the values created in Abstraction Rules in one model can be referenced in another model. Cross Model Abstraction Rules are one means of communicating between models with another possible means being TTL counters.

The page is available by navigating through the menu as Entity Models >>> Abstraction and Fitting > Cross Model Abstraction Reference. The page is presented as a tree objects for the purposes of administering a model child objects:


The general administration of this tree is as documented in the child object section of this documents, with the fields as defined follows:



This Example


The name of the model that the required Cross Model Abstraction belongs to. The model will be integrated for the most recent Abstraction Rule values for the last transaction for the Entity Key.



The Abstraction Rule to be returned from the most recent Abstraction for the Entity Key.


If following the Blog entries step by step, there exists only one Entity Model at this time, hence there would not be a Entity Model available. For the purposes of demonstration, a second model titled Account Non Monetary Events has been created. The second model processes audit events from customer accounts, such as change of address:


With the following Request XPath configuration example:


The IP is specified as a Search Key. A simple Abstraction Rule has been created in the new model, which counts up all events on an IP:


For completeness, a some events have been processed through the new Entity Model, but that is outside the scope of this Blog Entry however, the AccountID element as the same value as contained in the Account Financial Transaction messages taken from the formats document (Rich16).


Return to the Cross Model Abstraction Reference and create an entry as per the parameters set out in the table above and the following:


Click the Add button to create a version of this Cross Model Abstraction Rule:


On recalling the Account Financial Transactions XML Post, it can be see that an entry has been created reaching into the value created in the new model:


It can be seen that the Abstraction Rule has been returned and merged as if it were originating from the same entity model.