2) Menu Navigation

This Blog entry is from the Getting Started in Jube section in Learn Jube.

Navigation in the Jube platform is performed by a Menu, where each Menu item will redirect the user to a specific page to administer a specific part of the Platform:


In the above example, navigating to the Request XPath screen would be refereed to as Navigate to Entity Modes > References > Request XPath, navigating firstly to the Entity Models menu item:


Then, the References sub menu item:


Then, the Request XPath sub menu item (in fact, this is both JSONPath and XPath):


Upon clicking on the menu item, in this case Request XPath, the whole page will be redirected away from the Activation Watcher to the Entity Models Request XPath page:


1) Logging into Jube.

This Blog entry is from the Getting Started in Jube section in Learn Jube.

If you have not already done so, create an account in Jube using the simple registration form. An account will be created straight away, although it may require a security check to be activated. You can check the status of your account using the support page or chat application.

Navigate to the login screen in Jube from the home page by clicking on the link, towards the left hand side:



If you are using a local installation of Jube, your link will be different and you will need to contact your system administrator.

Once navigated to the login screen, which can also be access directly from https://ui.jube.io/Login/Login the following screen will be displayed:


The login page needs to authenticate the user via a User Name and password. Insert the User Name and Password, in this case Example and a correct password:


Clicking on Login or pressing the Enter key will submit the form and attempt to authenticate the user, keeping in mind that in this case, the password is incorrect:


In the event that there is a problem with authentication and it fails, an error message will be returned in red below the login controls. In this example, repeat the process albeit with valid credentials:


A successful login will navigate to the Activation Watcher page as default.