Introduction to Netica Basics

This Blog entry is from the Netica Basics section in Learn Netica.

Norsys Netica is a modelling tool that allows for the creative development of Bayesian networks based on either belief (this would be subjective probability) or data (taking a frequentest approach to probability as available in data).

The software does not install nativity to the operating system, the executable are in the directory:

\Training\Software\Netica 521


Execute the program Netica.exe, which will open the Netica user interface:


The data file that will be used in these procedures is available in Training\Data\CreditRisk and is titled CreditRisk.csv:


The CreditRisk.csv file is extremely large containing an uneven number of default vs. good cases, it could be said that this is a representative sample unlike the logistic regression techniques with rely on an even number of cases in both dispositions.