10) Add Nodes Automatically to a Canvas.

This Blog entry is from the Netica Basics section in Learn Netica.

The process of manually adding nodes to a canvas is quite laborious and with a key benefit of Bayesian networks being the ability to handle extremely large networks with hundreds of nodes, impractical.  Furthermore, Bayesian techniques are inherently state based, which would rely on a process of dividing continuous variables into appropriate state bins.

Netica has the ability to infer columns from a file, thus allowing for automation in the creation of nodes on the canvas.

Start by creating a blank canvas:


To infer and then add the case file nodes, click Cases in the menu Item, then click or hover on the Learn sub menu item, then click Add Case File Nodes:


When the dialog box opens, select the file CreditRisk.csv:


Clicking Open will begin the process of creating nodes based upon the Variables name coupled with an analysis of the number of states within that Variable.  In the event that a variable is determined to be continuous, a prompt will be displayed to determine the number of states to set for this variable:


Specify the number of states deemed appropriate for the variable, then click ok.  Repeat for each variable until all of the nodes have been added to the canvas: