2) Set States attributed to the Dependent and Independent Variables.

This Blog entry is from the Netica Basics section in Learn Netica.

For both of the nodes stamped to the canvas, representing a single dependent variable or a single independent variable, there is the same states of Yes \ No (i.e. both nodes only have two possible, string based outcomes). It follows that each of the nodes needs to have the Yes \ No states set.

To set the states of a node, right click on the node and select properties, in this case right click on the Default node (the dependent variable):


The properties window will open which is the same windows used to name the node.  Focusing attention towards the centre of the window, there is an entry box titled State:


Type the name of the first state, which would be Yes:


Then click New to commit the Yes state, proceeding to create the No state:


Click OK to commit both states to the node, after which the Node will be updated to reflect both states with an even probability:


Repeat the process for each node on the canvas, for each possible state for that node: