Introduction to Logistic Regression

This Blog entry is from the Linear Regression section in Learn Palisade.

Logistic regression is extremely similar to Linear Regression in the manner in which the output is presented as Constants and Independent Variable coefficients, except it’s role is to classify instead of forecast numeric values, this is to say that it is looking to predict the likelihood of a binary dependent variable outcome rather than that of a continuous dependent variable.

The file to be used in this example is contained in \Training\Data\FraudRisk and is titled FraudRisk.xslx.  Logistic Regression is a feature of StatTools and thus the starting point is to open the file, although do not at this stage load the file into the StatTools realm as a dataset.

Introduction to Linear Regression

This Blog entry is from the Linear Regression section in Learn Palisade.

Linear Regression is a modelling technique that can be used for numeric value prediction.  It is a feature of StatTools, as such loading StatTools as in Module 2 is a prerequisite.

The dataset that is used in these examples is available in \Training\Data\FX\EURUSD\EURUSD_Abstraction_Example_Clean.csv which is a clean \ finalised version of Desktop\Training\Data\FX\EURUSD\EURUSD_Abstraction_Example.xslx, which contains reference formulas for training purposes.

Open the file \Training\Data\FX\EURUSD\EURUSD_Abstraction_Example_Clean.csv and perform procedure 1 to load the file into the StatTools realm as a dataset:


Introduction to Summary Statistics

This Blog entry is from the Summary Statistics section in Learn Palisade.

Palisade StatTools is a statistics package that is an Excel Add-in, thus allowing the native and intuitive use of Datasets.  To start Palisdae StatTools, firstly navigate via the Start menu to All Programs…Palisade Decision Tools…..StatTools:


Then click on the StatTools Icon to load the product, itself prompting Excel to load.  It is also possible to search for the application by typing StatTools in the Start menu search functionality:


As StatTools loads, a variety of introduction screens will be shown, click in the affirmative when prompted:


Upon the acceptance or closure of the introduction screens, StatTools will be loaded into Excel as a Ribbon titled StatTools:


StatTools at this stage is loaded and ready for use.  For this example, load a file into Excel from the following location \Training\Data\FX\EURUSD.csv: