1) Configure a Dataset in Palisade StatTools.

This Blog entry is from the Summary Statistics section in Learn Palisade.

To begin using Palisade StatTools, or indeed most Palisade products which rely upon datasets, the dataset needs to be configured.  StatTools does a very good job at inferring the dataset and then loading that dataset into the StatTools realm, making it a trivial matter or procedure.

Click anywhere in the dataset, although in this example, click on cell A1:


On the StatTools ribbon, click on the icon Dataset Manager towards the left hand side of the ribbon:


StatTools will infer the dataset boundaries, asking for confirmation:


Click Yes, an action that will load the Dataset Manager window based on the inferred Dataset:


The default, inferred, dataset is almost always acceptable.  Notice that the Apply Cell Formatting check box is set.  Cell formatting is a useful feature to determine if a Dataset has been loaded into the StatTools realm after completing the process.

Click OK based on the default, inferred, settings:


When the formatting of the cells changes colour, with the grid being emphasised and the header text having a blue background, the Dataset can be taken to exist in the StatTools realm and is eligible for further analysis.

All subsequent StatTools Blog entries rely upon the Dataset being loaded into StatTools in the above manner.