5) Creating Time Series Analysis in StatTools.

This Blog entry is from the Basic Statistics section in Learn Palisade.

Start by opening the spreadsheet containing the dataset loaded into the StatTools realm:


The Time Series Analysis is available in the StatTools ribbon towards the centre, titled Time Series and Forecasting, thereafter in the sub menu Time Series Graph:


Clicking on the sub menu item Time Series Graph will open a window to configure a line chart showing the prices, in our example Interval_Close, plotted over time:


If not already selected, select the value Time Series (with Label) from the drop down towards the top right hand side of the window:


By selecting a label, the process will use a date order without requiring the dataset to be ordered prior (the example is ordered new to old).

Both the label, being the Interim_Buffer_Date, and the target of the analyses, being the Interval_Close, need to be checked under the columns Lbl and Val respectively:


Click OK to begin the analysis:


The analysis is output in the form of a line chart showing the oldest records plotted towards the axis, with the newest records plotted away from the axis.  Overall the analysis is intended to visually cue trend and provide some directional insight to the summary statistics.