Introduction to Linear Regression

This Blog entry is from the Linear Regression section in Learn Palisade.

Linear Regression is a modelling technique that can be used for numeric value prediction.  It is a feature of StatTools, as such loading StatTools as in Module 2 is a prerequisite.

The dataset that is used in these examples is available in \Training\Data\FX\EURUSD\EURUSD_Abstraction_Example_Clean.csv which is a clean \ finalised version of Desktop\Training\Data\FX\EURUSD\EURUSD_Abstraction_Example.xslx, which contains reference formulas for training purposes.

Open the file \Training\Data\FX\EURUSD\EURUSD_Abstraction_Example_Clean.csv and perform procedure 1 to load the file into the StatTools realm as a dataset: