Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics Platform

Introducing Jube

Jube is a superior, holistic, Enterprise Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics platform designed by leading experts in predictive analytics. The Jube platform offers:

  • Real-time analysis.

  • Fast, consistent response times.

  • Easy management of your Big Data.

  • On-site or in-cloud housing.

  • Complete flexibility, competitive costs.

  • Business wide application within one system.

One System, Multiple Solutions, Countless Industries.

Predict vs. Prescribe

Your business has a huge amount of complex and noisy data in raw form. Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics makes sense of that data to arrive at valuable and actionable decisions, real-time. 

Predictive Analytics uses many techniques, such as data mining, statistics, modelling, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, to analyse data and make predictions about the future. 

Prescriptive Analytics takes the results of the Predictive Analytics models and helps you to find the best course of action.

Real-time data integration and abstraction for better analytics

Traditionally consulting companies offer Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics as a professional services engagement. The vendor takes a client derived dataset and creates a model using generally available machine learning algorithms (typically R or SAS). Unfortunately, this approach often leaves the client with no guidance as to how to use the information in real-time.

At Jube, on the other hand, we understand that where most Predictive and Prescriptive analytic projects tend to fail is through creating models using commodity machine learning algorithms. Instead, we focus on high throughput real-time abstraction and machine learning algorithm recall within hyper real-time tolerances.  

In-memory and straight-through processing for hyper real-time response

Jube offers superior flexibility and extraordinary, consistent response times while under enormous load – far beyond the capabilities of other predictive analytics platforms on the market. (under 7ms as demonstrated in Ad tech).  

With an ‘in memory’ and ‘no IO’ approach to Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics, Jube strictly maintains the following tenets:

  • All abstractions are compiled into memory and do not rely on any database technologies for execution (i.e. SQL).

  • All data relied upon for interrogating Symbol or Entity history is stored in memory and in a local forward operating cache to reduce network latency.

  • Any data persisted for the purposes of reporting is done so asynchronously and after the response has been delivered.

  • A single API node can withstand incredible load, in a multi-threaded fashion, with fast response times. Jube can scale almost infinitely on a horizontal basis to not only add capacity but also assure high availability.

Tame Big Data without the need for programming

Remove the need to maintain traditional data warehousing for the exclusive purpose of predictive and prescriptive analytics. With Jube all data is stored in its abstracted form, ready when needed to train a variety of machine learning algorithms. 

Data is stored either its entirety or as a representative sample. Abstraction is configured by simple user interface – with Jube you no longer need to retain complex scripting or programming capabilities.

One system, business wide solutions

There are plenty of dedicated platforms providing single area solutions for your industry. (for example, one system might manage credit risk analysis while another is responsible for HR analytics). Typically, these systems work in silo, duplicating many of the same features and data. 

Jube is an enterprise platform, developed in a generalised and configurable fashion. It is designed to  facilitate use across a wide variety of industries and to apply to multiple business areas. Investment in Jube software and supporting infrastructure can be realised across the entire business.

Vertical Application Description
Financial Fraud Prevention.
  • Debit Card Fraud Prevention.
  • E-commerce Payment Fraud Prevention.
  • Anti-Money Laundering.
  • Application Fraud Prevention.
  • Click Fraud Prevention.

Risk and Compliance.
  • Capital Adequacy Forecasting and Monitoring.
  • Credit Risk of Default.
  • Collections Optimisation.
  • Credit Risk Application Processing.

Price and Financial Resource Forecasting.
  • Stock Market Price Forecasting.
  • Market Conditions Anomaly.
  • Cash Adequacy in Financial Accounting.

IoT Pre-Emptive Maintenance.
  • System Failure Prediction for Pre-Emptive Maintenance.

Maintenance Scheduling.
  • Optimal Maintenance Windows.

Warranty Optimisation.
  • System Failure Prediction for Selective Warranty Renewal.

Marketing Real-Time Bidding.
  • Conversion Prediction.
  • Click Prediction.
  • Fill Prediction.
  • Creative Optimisation.

Real Time Personalisation.
  • Content and Colour Personalisation.
  • Landing Page Optimisation.

Channel Engagement.
  • In Channel Cross Sales.
  • Rewards and Recognition Allocation.
  • User Struggle Identification and Intervention.

Talent and Work Human Resource Requirement Forecasting.
  • Call Centre Capacity Forecasting.
  • Recruitment Requirement Forecasting.
  • Obsolescence Reassignment and Staffing Optimisation.

Output Optimisation and Benchmarking.
  • Productivity Optimisation.
  • Benchmarking and Targeting Performance.

Output Compensation and Expenses.
  • Expensive Anomaly Detection.
  • Market Compensation Targeting.