Introduction to Getting Started in R

This Blog entry is from the Getting Started in R section in Learn R.

R is the software package that is the primary focus of this series of Blog entries. For this section, R is two separate software packages and installs.

Core R is available from or by using a mirror such as Core R is created and published by the R Core Development Team.  Fundamentally the view that Core R is a command line only tool, used for production deployments only, should be adopted.  R Core \ R Command Line is used very little in this training course and is predominantly shown as a precursor to RStudio Console. 

Once R Core is downloaded and installed, the command line application is available in C:\Program Files\R\R-3.3.2\bin\titled R.exe although navigation to and invocation of the application is detailed in one of the first Blog entries.


In this example, the latest version of R for Windows has been installed with the default settings.


RStudio is a feature rich Integrated Development Environment (so-called IDE) that improves productivity in creating R Scripts, although in production the execution of these scripts might well fall to the core installation. 

The software can be downloaded from and is free, although there are commercial editions.


As with R Core, the defaults have been left unchanged during the installation.