Introduction to Linear Regression.

This Blog entry is from the Linear Regression section in Learn R.

Linear Regression is a modelling technique that can be used for numeric prediction where the values are fairly normal in distribution. 

The dataset that is used in this section of Blog entries is available under Bundle\Data\Equity\Abstracted\FDX\PC_FDX_Close_200x1D_Close_50x1D_10.csv which contains data that has already been abstracted for the FedEx stock on the NYSE.

To proceed with the subsequent procedures, it is necessary to import the file PC_FDX_Close_200x1D_Close_50x1D_10.csv into R:


For completeness the library(readr) and Load_CSV() function text will be copied to the current script to ensure that the script remains portable:


For ease and simplicity the name of the data set has been changed to FDX from the default of PC_FDX_Close_200x1D_Close_50x1D_10.csv:


Executing the load, the contents of the csv file will automatically be exposed on invoking the view() function in the console: