5) Launching R Studio

This Blog entry is from the Getting Started in R section in Learn R.

RStudio is distinct from R Core and conceptually it should be viewed that RStudio overlays RCore (although they are independent installations of R in actually).  To launch RStudio, navigate to and click the Start button, then navigate to All Programs:


Expanding All Programs, navigate to the RStudio folder:


Click on the application RStudio to launch:


For all Blog entries that follow, using RStudio, a script active, console passive approach will be taken. 

To create a new script, that will be the target for all R Console interactions, click the New Script button in the top left-hand corner of RStudio, under File:


In the sub menu, click the first option titled ‘R Script’:


A new, empty, script will be loaded:


A script will be the focus of all attention, and a user will be active in the script window only, leaving the console alone.  No command is ever entered directly into the console.