Single Tenant Server Pricing

Unlike Cloud pricing, the Server Pricing does not charge per event, instead enforces usage limits reset each month. Licences are issued on an annual basis.

Start-up Server



Licence Per Year

$19,760 Per Year

$59,280 Per Year



10m events per month.

30m events per month.


Multi Tennant




Multi Tenant Server Pricing

It is possible to install, configure and manage Jube on a multi-tenanted basis.  Multi-Tenancy Server Pricing is ideal for third party data processors.

Multi-Tenant Server Pricing is in addition to the Single Tenant Server Pricing, with Single Tenant Server Pricing being applicable to the party accepting the terms and conditions of the licence only (i.e. for third party processor internal use only). Multi-Tenant Server Pricing is not available in the Start-up Server edition.

There is no Free Tier for an additional Tenant and for each Tenant the following event fees are charged:

First Events per Month

Price per Event

30k to 1m


1m to 3m


3.1m to 5.2m


5.2m to 7.3m


7.3m to 9.4m


9.4m to 11.5m


11.5m to 13.6m


13.6m to 15.7m


15.7m to 17.8m


17.8m to 19.9m


19.9m to 22m