Self Service Data Science

Jube helps you wrangle with data, use machine learning, make decisions, take action, communicate and get feedback… ultra real time.

No need to be Data Scientist.

A Data Science platform for a variety of industries and applications:

  • IoT Analytics (Industrial If This Then That)

  • Risk Based Authentication.

  • Fraud Prevention.

  • Network Monitoring and Intrusion Detection.

  • Advertising Technology and Real Time Bidding.

  • Stock Market Prediction.

  • Capacity and Allocation.

  • Predictive Maintenance.


Bring your own data

Your data is very specific to your needs. Jube lets you create API’s in JSON or XML over HTTP. This API can be recalled real-time. The data could be almost anything, from advertising impressions to syslog messages.


Simplify Data Wrangling

Ask questions of your historic data in real-time. Use our Abstraction Rule Builder or Coder to create in memory filters before aggregating using a variety of functions. For example, how many transactions has a customer made in the last day that were under $3?



Let the Machine Learn

Use Exhaustive, our embedded one click automated machine learning, or bring your own models built using R, Palisade or Netica:

Learn Exhaustive

Learn R

Learn Netica

Learn Palisade


Do Something

Using our rules engine to match upon the machine learning output and other factors to initiate actions.

Actions include declining an event, sending email \ SMS, sending to case management and increasing a counter (lightweight state storage).



Feedback the Beast

Send work to end users (such as customer service agents) to review the quality of the machine learning and obtain crucial feedback.


Performance you can trust

Some of the worlds largest companies use Jube and process millions of events a day. There is a generous free tier and knowledgeable on-boarding team to help you get started.

We can also train you for three days intensively, which has the added bonus of $1200 of free Jube Platform credit.